Step By Step Build Process

For assembly, please consult your owners manual. You can download the latest version of the owners/assembly manual to the right.

General assembly instructions are as follows:

  • Unpack kit
  • Assemble front/rear suspension
  • Run brake and fuel lines
  • Run battery cables
  • Install emergency brake cables
  • Install engine and transmission
  • Install driveshaft
  • Install firewall aluminum (optional upgrade)
  • Install cockpit tub on frame
  • Install aluminum fenderliners
  • Install radiator
  • Install wiring harness
  • Wire dash guages
  • Mount steering shaft
  • Install body
  • Install hood, doors, trunk
  • Mount exterior lighting
  • Mount windshield/rollbar
  • Install interior
  • Mount wheels/tires
  • Start driving the car of your dreams!
Owners/Assembly Manuals
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