Owners Competition

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s competition, and congratulate the following owners on their exceptional contest entries. Each one will receive an official Hurricane Motorsports prize package.

Grand Prize Winner:
John Shelton

Runner Up:
Chris Doss

Honorable Mentions:
Ken Walker
Bill Bess
Paul Proefrock


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Honorable Mention: Ken Walker


Ken Walker's HM-1015

Ken Walker's Hurricane Roadster (HM-1015)

Ken's Story

"Well, where do I start? Back in 1980 I got a gift subscription to HOT ROD magazine from my grandmother for my birthday. On the cover of the first issue I received was an article about the Arntz-Butler Cobra. It was almost like seeing my first centerfold in Playboy. I fell in love or should I say LUST. From that time until March of 2008, I dreamed of being with such a beautiful mistress. I look at other ladies before heading to Missouri. But after getting to visit with her at HMS, I knew that the she was the one for me.

I gathered the funds but decided to check out Cobra Country one more time before calling the boys in Missouri. HM-1015 was available and looking for love. Best of all, she was only about 200 miles from my house. I drove over to see her and the love affair began. Our torrid relationship began on March 29, 2008. She was fiery redhead with a vintage 289 soul, and I would NOT change a thing.

Being a much more mature and sophisticated lady, on our first date, she was kind and gentle. I think every other driver on the road could tell she was my FIRST. Easy off the clutch, easy on the gas, slow and steady. Never taking anything for granted. However, as time went on, the more dates we went on the more comfortable we became and started to understand each other, you know, our likes and dislikes. She likes high octane. I like taking her to 5000 in first. She likes Meguire’s and I like the envious stares at the red lights; that kind of stuff. Granted, like in every relationship, we have had our ups and downs, like being stranded at midnight because she lost her spark or wondering why she is so temperamental in cold weather. But I just keep telling her “It’s OK, I understand. We will get through this together.” Eventually she comes around and our love affair is renewed.

We take early morning strolls down the winding paths of the Texas hill country, we exercise at the local road course, and get all gussied up for a Saturday night cruise with her friends. I know that I am just the eye candy and that she is the celebrity that everyone wants to see. But I don’t mind ‘cause I know she’s going home with ME!

So when people ask “Why do I love her so much?” I just look at them and say, “Look at her, she’s a COBRA!” What else do I need to say? They get it and just slowly walk away. Jealousy is a dish served cold!"