Owners Competition

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s competition, and congratulate the following owners on their exceptional contest entries. Each one will receive an official Hurricane Motorsports prize package.

Grand Prize Winner:
John Shelton

Runner Up:
Chris Doss

Honorable Mentions:
Ken Walker
Bill Bess
Paul Proefrock


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Winner - John Shelton





John Shelton's Hurricane Roadster

John Shelton's JSHEL1 Roadster (HM-1038)

John's Story

"Each generation has its music, its fads, its fashions… and if they are lucky, something that measures against the milestones of time. Webster’s defines a milestone as an action or event marking a significant change or stage of development. The 427 S/C automobile embodies the definition of “milestone” in the realm of performance-automotive-engineering.

The 1965 “427” ushered in the muscle-car era. Now, more than four decades later, the accomplishments of the 427 Roadster still stand as a benchmark, which the performance of new Supercars is measured against.

To see a 427 Roadster in a museum or at a high-end auto show is to see history. To see a 427 or a replica on the road, or to sit next to one at a stop-light, is awe inspiring. To drive one is a next-to-unattainable bucket list item for most mortals. I have experienced the thrill of driving one of these legendary cars, and do so on a weekly basis… for you see, I own one thanks to Hurricane Motorsports.

I own Hurricane chassis number 1038, in Guardsman Blue body color, Wimbeldon White racing stripes, and Indy Yellow Pearl team color. My Hurricane has 546 brake horsepower and 553 foot-pounds of torque at the fly-wheel. She boasts one-horsepower for every five-pounds of total-weight. Frankly speaking, to know that your Hurricane can out-accelerate any car within a five-mile, ten-mile, fifty-mile geographic radius is the stuff of any young and old male’s dreams, and the subject of a newlywed wife’s nightmare… I joined the “0-100-0 in ~11 club” a few months after getting Hurricane 1038 on the road in January of 2009."