No donor cars here.

You have everything you need to build your dream car.* And every right to feel a little giddy.

What’s included?

An Instant Icon: The Hurricane 427 Roadster

The roar of a finely tuned V-8, the wind from an open cockpit, the sporty racing suspension - this is a car that begs to be driven… and driven hard!

This not your typical 427 "kit car" - the small, tight seams in the fiberglass, the custom wiring harness, the custom-shortened Ford 9" rear-end, the custom radiator with angled inlets and outlets, the pre-bonded 2-piece doors and hoods - this is a precision vehicle of stunning quality. Each car is custom manufactured based on your requirements, and we want you to enjoy being part of the Hurricane Motorsports family as you drive and race for years to come. This is why we supply ALL* of the parts required for your build. This is why we choose only durable, quality components from trusted manufacturers. These values reflect our commitment to produce a quality, "buildable" 427 kit, and a superior customer experience from start to finish.

Every part in the Hurricane 427 has been designed to work exclusively with your Roadster, and is delivered "ready to build". Brake lines are pre-bent, battery cables are pre-cut with terminals attached, the firewall aluminum is pre-bent, and metal parts are painted. Most importantly, there are no parts to remove from a donor vehicle, no parts that need to be cleaned, and no parts that need to be rebuilt or "freshened".

While efficiency is important in our manufacturing process, we pride ourselves in the ability to provide our customers with individualized service. Components from manufacturers like Wilwood, Autometer, QA1, and Motolita have proven their worth in our kits time and time again.

We know that you will love tuning and driving your Hurricane 427 as much as we love creating it. It is designed from the ground up specifically with car enthusiasts like you in mind. As you consider your options, please consult with us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are dedicated to assisting you promptly and personally.

Assembly Options

A quality built 427 Roadster could take years to assemble. For some this is what makes the Hurricane so thrilling, but for others, it's the drive. We offer several assembly options that could shave months, or even years off the build time.

BASE MODEL KIT - $21,500

Our base model kit comes with all of the parts you'll need to build your 427 Roadster minus the engine engine, transmission, driveshaft, wheels & tires, and paint.
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This option includes the complete assembly and installation of the front and rear suspension components and installation of the steering rack.

Front suspension assembly includes the installation of upper and lower A-arms, ball joints, spindle, coil-over shocks, brake calipers, flexible brake hoses, brake rotors, bearings, steering rack and tie rod ends. Rear suspension assembly includes the installation of the lower trailing arms, third link arm, panhard bar, flexible brake hoses, fully adjustable coil-over shocks, brake calipers and rotors.


This option includes the installation of the braking system, wiring, gauges, pedal assembly, steering system and fuel system. Completey assembled with the exception of carpet installation. Wheels and tires are not included.

Braking system installation includes the installation of the brake & clutch pedal assembly, brake & clutch master cylinders, all brake hard lines and brake system bleeding. Wiring system installation includes the master fuse box, front & rear lighting circuits, battery cables & tray, ignition switch, turn signal switch, light switch, fan switch, horn switch, horns and engine compartment circuit.

Gauge system installation includes the mounting of all gauges in the dash, gauge lighting circuit, volt meter wiring and fuel gauge wiring. Other gauges can only be connected after the running gear has been installed in your Hurricane 427 Roadster.

Pedal assembly installation includes the installation of the pedal box, hanging the brake pedals, installing the gas pedal, mounting the master cylinders, and installing the brake light switch.

Steering system installation includes the mounting of the steering shafts from the steering wheel to the steering rack, all univeral joints, pillow block bearing, firewall flange bearing and steering wheel.

Fuel system installation includes the mounting of the fuel tank, hard fuel line from tank to engine compartment, flexible line from tank to hard line and fuel sending unit in tank.

With Roller Tires and Wheels - Add $150.00

STAGE II - With Knock Off Pin Drive Wheels and Tires
Call for wheel and tire options and pricing

Turnkey Minus
Call for pricing and details

Completely assembled and painted with wheels and tires. Ready for installation of engine, transmission and drive shaft. Battery is included.

Turnkey Minus w/ Independent Rear Suspension
Call for pricing and details

Completey assembled and painted with wheels and tires and independent rear suspension. Ready for installation of engine, transmission and drive shaft. Battery is included.

* Parts you will need to provide to finish the car: Engine, Transmission, Driveshaft, Wheels & Tires, Paint, and a Battery.

General Specifications
Body: Hand-crafted, tight-seamed fiberglass construction
Suspension: Racing inspired suspension, with optional independent rear suspension
Engine: Made to fit large and small block Ford crate motors
Brakes: Four-wheel disc brakes
Interior: Authentic replica interior and guages modeled after the original